Self Tennis Drills

Privately work on your tennis strokes by renting my ball machine for a 1/2 hour or full hour to groove your strokes or select a pre-recorded practice routine for:

  • basic rallying,
  • cardio workouts,
  • specific drills such as approach and volley,
  • lobs for overhead practice,
  • your own personal program for virtually unlimited training capability.

My ball machine has a 100 ball capacity and has a maximum speed of 70 mph and a whopping 3,000 rpm ball rotation capability, so if you want to learn to handle pro-level speed and spin, my machine will help you get that upper level! Can be controlled remotely by iPhone or Apple Watch.

proton ball machine

Private Video Recording and Viewing

Whether you are a coach or a player, video enables tennis players to more quickly improve their game by providing them with the ability to visually see what is really happening with your footwork and your strokes. All videos are private and accessible only by a password for an individual, team, or a group. The videos are archived forever so you can track your progress and skills improvement over time. The videos are not stored on YouTube or Vimeo so are not publicly viewable.

For Tennis Coaches and Instructors

If you are a tennis instructor, I can post your own short videos of coaching tips for either an individual student or for whole team or workout group to view. You may record your own with your phone or laptop and send to me, or I can film you with my professional cameras.

No Coach? No problem!

Whether you are working with a coach or not, I can film your workouts and matches. You can study the film to see the progression of tennis development and self-analyze how to get better. Accessible only by a password, your videos are always hidden from public view and are archived forever. If you are playing doubles, you and your partner can improve communication and understand how you can move together better for future matches.