Strive To Improve!

Drills teach you to become target oriented for each stroke. Targets point out your weaknesses better than any other teaching method. To quote legendary coach Vic Braden, “Winning is not the only thing in tennis. It’s the striving to win and striving to improve that is important.” As in life, simply do your best, and God will not deny you grace.

Develop Consistency

Consistency is the foundation that the rest of your tennis game will be built upon. By drilling you will learn to clear the net and keep the ball within the lines of the court.

Develop Control

Once you have developed the ability to keep your shots in the court consistently, your next goal is placement. By placing targets on the court, you can learn to hit the ball accurately.

Develop Footwork

By using random ball feeds, you will learn to keep your feet moving before and after your stroke, so that each point becomes one continuous movement, and not just a series of starts and stops.

Develop Consistency and Control With Drills

The foundation of a winning tennis player is consistency and control, made possible by using great footwork. Then you can play your matches in the zone without thinking about your strokes.I believe you must work on your tennis strokes with non-competitive drills, allowing yourself to practice with a purpose in mind on every shot.
tennis drilling

The Drill Dude

No coaching, just drilling

My job is to feed you tennis balls to help you develop your game to where your strokes and footwork are fundamentally sound. Then you can play matches in the zone - without thinking about your strokes.

proton ball machine

Our Machine

Simple yet powerful

The Proton enables you to choose a speed, spin, and frequency. It can be set to random delivery to mimic the unpredictable reality of a live match. Or, it can be set to allow you to practice consistency by grooming your strokes.

tennis balls

Babolat Gold Championship X3

An adapted woven felt for hard courts.

The Gold Championship ball is a durable pressurized ball with good playability. Perfect for practice and improving your game. ITF approved.

tennis video review

Video Recording

Get Feedback - Privately!

View yourself in action and share with your own coach to help spot foundational stroke errors! Our pro quality Canon Camera will continuously record your drilling session, which is archived privately on a password protected page on this website and can viewed 24/7 with slow motion capability!

Drilling Options

You can choose just to drill only, or to drill with video recording. Videos are privately archived on this website protected by your password. Maximum limit is 2 players per session.

No Video (Just Drilling)


With Video Recording